AMMA represents contractors nationwide and is committed to improving the effectiveness of participation in ship maintenance and modernization through:

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Installation, testing, and quality of product.
  • Logistics support.
  • Management and administrative practices.
  • Economy and efficiency.

As the voice of maintenance and modernization contractors and the single POC for AIT issues, AMMA seeks to help meet the challenge of integrating tasks and processes into CNO and other availabilities.

Mission Statement

AMMA’s mission is to promote the accomplishment of cost-effective, professional and high quality shipboard maintenance and modernization through the use of best value commercial sources.  We advocate that: facilitated shipyards benefit from specialized maritime service companies in both the advancement of work quality and efficiency.



AMMA Members Lead Maritime Modernization

Established in 2002, the non-profit American Maritime Modernization Association (AMMA) promotes the accomplishment of cost-effective professional, and high quality technical shipboard maintenance and modernization through the use of best value commercial sources.  We advocate that our specialized maritime services companies enhance both the advancement of shipyard work quality and efficiency.  AMMA’s principal goal is to maximize cooperation and communication among maritime modernization industry experts.

Industry Exposure Critical to Stability

AMMA is committed to representing the maintenance and modernization industry in order to further the technological capabilities of our maritime partners.

This is achieved through:

  • Representing member companies at trade shows, conventions and symposia.
  • Networking with other associations and community groups to advocate for consistent support of Naval defense resources and the stability of technically advanced companies.
  • Participating in panels and forums that seek joint solutions to repair and modernization challenges.
  • Hosting events that bring together a diverse array of private industry, public officials, community leaders and government representatives to encourage strong relationships.
  • Sponsoring community events that provide an opportunity to promote our industry and workforce as a valuable economic and social resource across the country.